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Event Review

Having recently started my journey in Health Psychology, finding out about HPPHN & the #Appiness event was quite exciting. I would describe myself as a typical millennial –using my phone and the internet throughout my daily life. In the future, I’d like to incorporate the use of technology with my curiosity around health behaviours- so I knew I had to attend this event. The organisation of it was perfect as it gave a chance to hear from different areas within the field, showing me that there are many possible routes available, whilst still trying to reach the main goal of improving the health & wellbeing of the public. All the speakers made faultless presentations and were clearly passionate about their topics. Within the attendees, there were mixed levels and areas of expertise so comments brought up after presentations were interesting and tended to make you think even further. I was particularly shocked when hearing about the costs involved with producing apps, but it also made me grateful to see that despite the hard work and time it takes to develop an end product, there are still so many fascinated and eager to learn and do more. I certainly took away a few ideas that will hopefully help me during my MSc and future career. I am yet to improve my networking skills, however, I felt that the opportunity to do so during the breaks was fantastic! Being my first ever event, I found the overall experience quite daunting to begin with, but thanks to the lovely people I met there and the diverse range of presentations, I am certainly looking forward to future events.


Flavia Figueiredo Silva, MSc Health Psychology student, Aston University