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BSPHN joins the Academy of Social Sciences

The Behavioural Science and Public Health Network (BSPHN) has joined the Academy of Social Sciences as a member learned society.

The BSPHN joins 43 other member learned societies at the Academy. The Academy of Social Sciences is the national academy of academics, learned societies and practitioners in the social sciences. Its mission is to promote social science in the United Kingdom for the public benefit.

The Academy is composed of around 1313 individual Fellows, 44 Learned Societies, and a number of affiliates, together representing nearly 90,000 social scientists. Fellows are distinguished scholars and practitioners from academia and the public and private sectors. Most Learned Societies in the social sciences in the UK are represented within the Academy. The Academy also sponsors the Campaign for Social Science.

The Behavioural Science and Public Health Network is an organisation that brings together professionals with an interest in behavioural and social science and public health. It has a membership of 100 professionals and a further 1800 professionals linked to the BSPHN in various ways. The mission of the BSPHN is to provide a forum for behavioural scientists, social scientists and public health specialists interested in the promotion and practice of behavioural and social science to increase synthesis with public health.

Welcoming the new Academy member, Chair of the Academy’s Council, Professor Roger Goodman FAcSS said, “The work BSPHN does in bringing together behavioural and social science and public health will be instrumental in the promotion of social science in the UK. The Academy is continually looking to support its member learned societies, fellows and partners and to encourage collaboration to promote interdisciplinary approaches to social science. BSPHN joins a broader community to promote the public understanding of social science in policy and practice. We look forward to working with BSPHN.”

Professor Jim McManus, Chair-Elect of the Network says, “We couldn’t be more delighted to be members of the Academy. The Academy is crucial as a voice for social sciences. It has an equally important role in working to improve the health of our population, exemplified in its timely Health of the People programme. We stand fully behind that. Membership of the academy not only boosts our work, but testifies to our commitment to bring the riches of the behavioural and social sciences to the crucial work of building a healthier population.”