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Why do we behave this way? The power of behavioural insights

Nesta talks to… Elspeth Kirkman

A free online event on Tuesday 8th September from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

About the event

How do you make your choices? What if we could have greater insight into how we arrived at a certain decision? Or on a much larger scale, better understand why a government or corporation devised a particular policy or product?

What if, once armed with this knowledge, we could steer ourselves in a better direction?

In this conversation, Elspeth Kirkman will talk about the behavioural insight approach to issues and how it applies evidence about actual human behaviour – rather than assumptions about it – to practical problems.

Over the last decade, the behavioural insight approach has opened up new avenues when it comes to addressing some of the most challenging problems faced by society, corporations and individuals.

Join our discussion examining the power and effectiveness of our natural human instincts.