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Conference Posters


The ‘Building Babies Brains Project’ - Lessons learnt from the experiences of community champions in passing on positive parenting messages

Siobhan Mitchell, Georgina Marks, Kath Wilkinson, Jenny Lloyd

The public health potential of a digital behaviour change intervention targeting problematic eating behaviours

Daniela Mercado, Grace Gimson, Claire Wu

Behavioural science against stigma: investigating barriers to sexual health conversations

Emma Neville MPhil, Jeremy Koloski MSc

Strenghening the application of behavioural science approaches in local authorities; exploring the perspectives of elected members and senior leaders

Nicky Knowles

The Effects of Messaging on the Expectations and Understanding of Long COVID: An Online Randomised Trial

Jaskiran Kaur Bhogal, Freya Mills, Amelia Dennis, Joanna Milward, Cristina Spoiala, Sidra Saeed, Leah Jones, Dale Weston, Holly Carter

What influences kitchen fire risk behaviours?

Dr Lynsey Mahmood

Evaluating a smoking behaviour change campaign to reduce house fires

Dr Lynsey Mahmood, Richard Stanford-Beale, Kirsty Gearey, Abdul Aziz, Chloe Powell

Overview of the development of a co-created regional covid campaign with a focus on addressing health inequalities

Dr Grainne Dickerson (CPsychol)

REACHOUT Liverpool Suicide Prevention Campaign

Sue Cumming

Implementing health literacy-friendly approaches in practice

Laura Walton-Taylor, Rachel Mallon, Neville Scholten, Llyn Elliot, Susan Robinson, Tracy Walker, Jane Hawley, Eleanor Bull, Rachel Holt, Jo Hall

Public health promotion in Derby and Derbyshire's Vaccination Centres

Dr Victor Jeganathan, Eleanor Bull, Iain Little, Jayne Needham, Kirsty Ball, Siobhan Horsley, Jo Hall

Reducing the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging social distancing through behaviourally informed posters in 10 town centres across Hertfordshire.

Ludovico Nocco, Catherine Haylock, Khadija Mohamud, Michelle Constable, Anna Baker

Designing a behaviourally informed website for health and social care staff to increase their access to support services and promote self-management of wellbeing

Harriet Rowthorn, Anna Baker, Idil Hassan, Lynne Shine, Rachel Cumming, Rushma Patel, Emily Clarke, Michelle Constable

Delivering communication and engagement through place-based approaches led by local commissioned partners working with seldom heard and vulnerable groups to enable COVID-19 safe behaviours.

Nazmin Khanom, Jordan Francis, Emily Stewart, Modupe Omonijo, Dr. Justin Varney

Addressing Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy among Polish communities in Cheshire: a qualitative study to develop materials to increase vaccine uptake, and a toolkit for other local authorities

Eleonore Batteux, Stefanie Bonfield, Lisa Thorpe, Dale Weston, Yvonne Clarke, Anna Collins, Amie Franklin, Sandra Decowska, Ewa Wilcock, Leah Jones

Piloting Covid Question Stalls

Dr Victor Jeganathan, Eleanor Bull, Iain Little, Jayne Needham, Kirsty Ball, Siobhan Horsley, Jo Hall

Applying Behavioural Insights to Childhood immunisation invitation letters and communications.

Fiona Simmons-Jones

Using behavioural science to prevent Covid-19 transmission – Suffolk County Council

Chris Pyburn