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The  London Behavioural and Social Science Hub supports the ambitions of the Improving people’s health: applying behavioural and social sciences 2018 strategy by aiming to provide a regional forum for those utilising or wishing to utilise behavioural science in London. We aim to bring together academics, policymakers and practitioners to learn from each other. We also aim to enable members to gain skills and knowledge and build capacity and capabilities to apply behavioural science routinely to their work across London.

In May 2022, the BSPHN and OHID conducted a learning needs assessment across London to understand the current engagement level and key learning areas. Respondents represented a variety of organisations including local authorities, academia, and the NHS. The assessment also highlighted interests ranging across a variety of areas including practical training in behavioural science theories and application as well as case studies across public health, environment, and communications.

The main objectives identified for the hub were for providing a learning opportunity and supporting the capacity and capability to utilise behavioural science.

Who is this regional hub for?

The London Behavioural and Social Science Hub supports anyone working to improve public health outcomes across the London area. This could include people working across London to improve outcomes for the communities we serve, including local authorities, NHS, academics, service providers, and the voluntary care sector.

What will it provide?

The London Behavioural and Social Science Hub will provide members:

  • A community of learning to enable professionals and organisations to engage with and apply the insights, methodologies, and knowledge of behavioural and social sciences into their work.
  • Hub membership will provide you with access to free London learning opportunities and events.
  • Connecting to others working in this area of work regionally, to share best practice or collaborate on projects.

The regional hub will be hosted and managed by the National Behavioural Science and Public Health Network (BSPHN).

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