Vacant Committee Roles for BSPHN 2023

Jan 5, 2023

Roles available include Chair Elect, Honorary Secretary, Publicity & Liaison Chair, Hub Lead, Events Officer, Events Officer, Website Manager and Publicity & Liaison Officer for Social Media.

Chair Elect

The Chair, Chair Elect and Past Chair serve for two years in each role. In the two years immediately following election, the Chair-Elect shadows the current Chair, before taking on the role of Chair for two years. After the two-year tenure as Chair the postholder will take the role of Past Chair for a further two years. These roles involve responsibilities which include:

  • Agenda setting function
  • Review function
  • Organisational responsibility
  • Membership contact point
  • BSPHN representative functions

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Honorary Secretary

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years. The Honorary Secretary’s responsibilities include:

  • Organising the BSPHN Annual General Meeting and quarterly committee and Trustee meetings
  • Distributing papers and minutes
  • Recording minutes and agendas of all committee and Trustee meetings and reporting the same to the next committee meeting
  • Organising the AGM with the Conference Chair
  • Maintaining files of formal paperwork relating to the operation of the BSPHN and its committee
  • Collaborating with Chair, Past Chair, Chair Elect and Treasurer on urgent matters affecting the BSPHN
  • Presenting an approved annual report to the committee and BSPHN membership, no less than 1 month before the Annual General Meeting of the Network

Publicity & Liaison Chair

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years. The role aims to promote the activities of the BSPHN, benefits of BSPHN membership, and supports the ongoing development of the BSPHN. The Publicity and Liaison Chair’s responsibilities include:

  • Chairing the Publicity and Liaison Sub-Committee, reporting directly to the BSPHN committee on the Publicity and Liaison Sub-Committee’s activity
  • Organising the aims and objectives of the Publicity and Liaison Sub-Committee
  • Oversight of the BSPHN website, social media and publication publishing plans / deadlines, website, and podcast
  • Organising regular teleconferences with the Publicity and Liaison Subcommittee in order to ensure that agreed plans and deadlines are being met
  • Promotion of the BSPHN, including co-ordination of publicity materials and events to a variety of audiences to increase membership
  • Ensuring and coordinating press, media, and social media coverage at the BSPHN’s annual conference and other events in collaboration with the other members of the Publicity and Liaison Sub-Committee. Exploring new avenues for the promotion of the aims of BSPHN
  • Supporting the Conference Sub-Committee in promotion of the Conference

Hub Lead x 2

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years. The Hub Lead’s responsibilities include:

Events Officer x 2

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years and contributes to the Conference and Events Subcommittee. The Event Organiser’s responsibilities include:

  • Working with colleagues in the Conference and Events Subcommittee to develop event programmes
  • Arranging all aspects of events e.g., speakers, venue, refreshments, delegate bookings etc.
  • Working closely with other members of the committee as well as external speakers and suppliers
  • Supporting member networking and sharing of best practice
  • Working with colleagues to ensure that agreed deadlines are met
  • Facilitating events and operationalising all plans for the smooth running of events
  • Arranging delegate packs and admin requirements for the event are planned and available at the venue
  • Liaising with external exhibitors who, where appropriate may wish to have a presence at the event

Website Manager

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years and contributes to the Publicity and Liaison Subcommittee. The Website Manager role involves:

  • Managing and updating the website’s content in relation to resources from the PHE Improving People’s Health Strategy, events, and event advertising
  • Promoting the BSPHN via the website
  • Liaising closely with members of the Committee in order to keep the website updated with all the latest and most important news
  • Collaborating with the Website designer to develop the website and ensure a consistent approach to BSPHN branding
  • Liaising with partner organisations to enhance the promotion of relevant events, opportunities, and collaborations

Publicity & Liaison Officer for Social Media

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years and contributes to the Publicity and Liaison Subcommittee. The Social media role involves:

  • Supporting the ongoing promotion of BSPHN activities, publications, and events through a variety of social media platforms (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Contributing to the Publicity and Liaison strategy to promote the mission and activities of the BSPHN and our partners
  • Increasing BSPHN presence in social media settings to enhance attendance at events and increase membership
The deadline for nominations is 5pm on Friday, 10th February 2023

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