Vacant Committee Roles for BSPHN 2024

Dec 14, 2023

Roles available include Treasurer, Honorary Secretary (Maternity Cover), Conference Chair, and Podcast Manager.


This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years. The Treasurer’s responsibilities include:

  • Processing and keeping accurate and up-to-date accounts, including membership fees and income from events.
  • Presenting income and expenditure to the AGM in written form annually.
  • Providing forms at each committee meeting for travel expenses incurred on committee business.
  • For travel expense claims submitted within 8 weeks, approving and arranging payment.
  • Authorising any ad hoc expenditure.
  • Managing all BSPHN financial accounts reconciling accounts and maintaining up to date signatory details.

Honorary Secretary (1 Year Maternity Cover)

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years. The Honorary Secretary’s responsibilities include:

  • Organising the BSPHN Annual General Meeting and quarterly committee and Trustee meetings.
  • Distributing papers and minutes.
  • Recording minutes and agendas of all committee and Trustee meetings and reporting the same to the next committee meeting.
  • Organising the AGM with the Conference Chair.
  • Maintaining files of formal paperwork relating to the operation of the BSPHN and its committee.
  • Collaborating with Chair, Past Chair, Chair Elect and Treasurer on urgent matters affecting the BSPHN.
  • Presenting an approved annual report to the committee and BSPHN membership, no less than 1 month before the Annual General Meeting of the Network.

Conference Chair

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years. The Conference Chair’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing all plans for three events per year1 conference, 2 CPD events including, but not exclusive to, the venue, programme, refreshments as well as any social activities.
  • Organising the aims and objectives of the Conference and Events Sub-Committee.
  • Organise regular teleconferences with the Conference and Events Subcommittee in order to ensure that agreed plans and deadlines are being met.
  • Reporting directly to the BSPHN committee on the Conference and Events Subcommittee’s activity and also to the AGM of the BSPHN.
  • Liaising with venues and speakers for the annual conference.
  • Aim to increase the number of delegates attending BSPHN events.
  • Encouraging a broad range of speakers/submissions.
  • Enhancing conference content.
  • Working with the Publicity and Liaison Subcommittee to promote events and relevant articles for the publication.
  • Reviewing operational aspects of the conference in order to ensure value for money and efficiency.
  • Liaising with partner organisations (such as PsyPAG/DHP) for participation of their members and presence at events.

Podcast Manager

This role is elected at the AGM and held for three years. The Podcast Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Researching appropriate guests and pitching to the committee and hosts.
  • Booking guests and arranging pre-recording chat and recording dates.
  • Preparing notes for interview.
  • Setting up recording using appropriate recording software/apps and preparing interviewee for session (technical etc.).
  • Coordinating the show notes and comms (although currently I pay for this to be done by a PR person).
  • Cutting the podcast using podcast editing software.
  • Publishing the show.
  • Reporting on analytics and optimising for future guests, content and style.
The deadline for nominations is 5pm on Friday 9th February 2024

Successful candidates will be announced at the virtual AGM on Thursday 15th February 2024, 2.30pm. Click here to link to the MS Teams meeting.

If you are interested in any of these posts, complete a nomination form or email for more information.