BSPHN Committee Leads – Dr Michelle Constable, Professor Angel Chater, Dr Neil Howlett & Professor Jim McManus

March 2021

This is a special episode with the Current Chair, Past Chair, and Past-Past Chair and Treasurer of the BSPHN! Having had the BSPHN's annual conference in February, this is the perfect time to get some of the founding committee members together.

We begin by understanding how each member of the committee found their way to creating the BSPHN and how the collaboration between health psychology, behavioural science and public health is becoming more and more integral.

The group discussed the recent virtual BSPHN conference, which centred on behavioural practice within the Covid pandemic. There has also been great interdisciplinary and rapid insight work during the pandemic, which highlights how crucial this is for future work to solve big public health issues. It may also have removed some of the barriers between academia and implementation as the proof of success is clear to see.

They also celebrated some of the opportunities of the online format – allowing live chat and conversation between people during presentations so discussions could be had which isn't possible during a presentation in a room.

Is the BSPHN for you?

The group talk about why they think can benefit: health psychologists, behavioural scientists, sociologists, those in Public Health looking for insight in applying those things. It is for all levels – trainees, practitioners, policymakers at every level to get skills to use every day. It's the kind of group they would have wanted when they were starting out or looking to develop or speak to people.

Where is the BSPHN going?

It's a movement for change that is creating a nurturing relationship between sectors, removing the 'stand-offishness' people might feel in other contexts or groups. They creating supportive pathways and roles between current, sometimes isolated, teams in public health and behavioural insight work.