Coronavirus Mini-Series #4 – Staying Healthy on Lock-Down; The Government's response and Coming together (Prof. Susan Michie & Prof. Jim McManus)

March 2020

The fourth episode in this mini-series covers some big topics, including:

  • Individual strategies to staying physically and mentally healthy during this challenging period of staying at home
  • The government's response to date and what to expect in the future
  • How we can come together as a society to care for each other and how this should continue after the immediate crisis is over

Stuart King, Professor Susan Michie and Professor Jim McManus discuss these issues in detail in this slightly longer episode than the previous ones. Unfortunately, we lose Jim after just a couple of questions as he had technical difficulties at home. We are all dealing with small challenges like this as we adjust to home working, and in this case, remote recording.

However, Jim still provides valuable insight in the beginning and Susan continues to provide valuable and interesting ideas for people; insight into the Government response to date and in the future; and some personal anecdotes that help contextualise how to use each moment and challenge as an opportunity to create healthy habits.

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Stay healthy; stay active; stay connected; but most of all - Stay Home!