Dr Tim Chadborn (Head of Behavioural Insights & Evaluation Lead at Public Health England)

March 2020

Dr Tim Chadborn is Head of Behavioural Insights and Evaluation Lead for Public Health England.  He shares just a small amount of his 25 years of experience working in health, across the Department of Health, Health Protection Agency and on a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Botswana.

We chatted through Tim's vast experience from his work on the Family Nurse Partnership supporting pregnant teenage women to his work in Botswana on HIV. This led us to discuss the diversity in paths that have led people to work in Behavioural Insights and how this allows them to work in a multidisciplinary capacity, across behavioural economics, sociology, health psychology, research and more.

Tim shared some of the recent and current behaviour insights projects, such the marrying of large complex systems approaches and individual behavioural science, and the digital work on diet and obesity support and health checks e.g. letters, texts, videos in wait rooms and I.T. prompts.

Finally, Tim shared some ideas on how to get into behavioural science, including some of the latest strategies and guides to come out, such as the Behavioural and Social Science Strategy.

Also, PHE has just released another guide for local government called Achieving Behaviour Change.

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