Introducing the Behaviour Change Development Framework (BCDF) – with Em Rahmen, Aoife Fortescue-Webb and Ashlee Mulimba

June 2020

For this podcast, I am joined by: Em Rahmen, Head of Public Health Workforce Development at Health Education England, Aoife Fortescue-Webb, Public Health Registrar at NHS West Midlands, Ashlee Mulimba, Health Psychologist at Healthy Dialogues Ltd.

All three have been working on the Behaviour Change Development Framework (BCDF). It is a tool designed to determine the level of behaviour change training needed for each sector and level of Public Health practitioner, informed by, and appropriate to, the user. For more information on it, check out the video, What is the BCDF?

We discussed the background to the framework, how it has been developed as user-need focussed, and how they see it creating a more consistent behaviour change offering across all of Public Health. We discussed some scenarios of how it might supporting different job roles, from receptionists, policemen and stop smoking practitioners.

The assessment only takes about 2-3 mins to complete and breaks down what level of training might be appropriate, such as:

The full assessment and toolkits can be found at Behaviour Change.