Samuel Salzer (Behavioral Strategist)

April 2020

Samuel Salzer joins me, Stu King, for this month's RWBS podcast. Samuel Salzer is an experienced behavioural strategist specialising in the digital health space. His work involves applying insights from behavioural science and behavioural economics to build user-centred and habit-forming products and services.

In our discussion, we covered how Samuel entered the field to where he is now with consulting work and his newsletter Habit Weekly. It now has thousands of subscribers and goes out to over a hundred countries.

Samuel shared some of the best work he has seen such as mental health apps created with behavioural experts and research that showed how long it actually takes to form a habit! He shared his use of behavioural science to change his own habits – such as understanding why his long streak of learning a language every day still wasn't sticking. Samuel suggests the best way to start using behavioural economics in your work without being overwhelmed by all the content out there.

You can check out and sign up to Samual's Habit Weekly newsletter yourself – it has something for every level, from leaders in the field to those just starting out.