Behavioural Science and Public Health Network 2019 Editions

Spring / Autumn 2019

Articles relate to integrating behavioural science, developing behavioural science capabilities, physical activity, and commissioning a healthy lifestyle service.

Articles include:

  • From health psychology to behavioural science: using a multidisciplinary approach to benefit public health and wellbeing
  • Behaviour Change interventions: An Art and a Science
  • Integrating behavioral science expertise into public health
  • Building capacity in behavioural science and public health using the Stage 2 Health Psychology training route: Ideas for the development of a funded model
  • Innovation in Local Government Public Health – what’s possible and where next?
  • Use of the Behaviour Change Wheel to develop an intervention to promote physical activity following pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with COPD
  • The Impact of Health Psychology Behaviour Change Consultancy on Public Health Community Lifestyle Service Commissioning and Delivery