Behavioural Science and Public Health Network 2020 Editions

Spring / Winter 2020

Articles relate to climate change, Covid-19, and making every contact count, behaviour change guides, workforce development, and embedding behavioural science.

Articles include:

  • Achieving Behaviour Change (ABC): Guides for National and Local Government
  • Behaviour Change Development of the Workforce
  • Using Behavioural Change Techniques in NHS Wales Help Me Quit Smoking Cessation Services – Developing a Smoking Cessation Cards For Change Tool
  • Embedding behavioural science principles into public health practice: learning from work with Leicestershire County Council
  • Using Twitter to track public opinion in the UK about mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Evidence-based health psychology consulting to address public health priorities in the coronavirus crisis: The Wirral Case Study
  • COVID-19 – Through the eyes of a Trainee Health Psychologist
  • Understanding population needs in a Pandemic: Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs in a Local Authority COVID-19 response
  • Adapting Making Every Contact Count / Healthy Conversation Skills to pilot online Supportive Conversations training in response to Covid-19
  • The Climate and Ecological Crisis: Where does Behavioural Science fit in?